Fix! Lucky Patcher Not Working Problem? Free In-App Purchases

Lucky Patcher Not Working: Lucky Patcher is a fantastic application which lets you remove ads from your favorite applications. Not just ads, it also helps you in removing the in-app-purchases, modify the applications and much more such type of features. There are many similar applications, but all of these are not reliable as a lucky patcher. Lucky patcher provides you with varieties of features that many similar applications fail to provide.

I have been using this application for a long time, and I can say that this application n has helped me in different ways with the problems I have faced with other applications. But sometimes the best application can also go through problems. There are sometimes when lucky patcher also stops working. So today in this article I will be telling you about lucky patcher not working problem and how to fix it. But before telling you, that let me give you some information about lucky patcher.

Lucky Patcher Not Working – Fixed!

Lucky Patcher Not Working

What is Lucky Patcher?

A lucky patcher is an android tool that is used to remove ads, modify application permissions, backup and restore applications license verification and more. All the features of this application are only available to the rooted devices. Unrooted devices only get to use some of the features of this application.

Well, that is what lucky patcher is all about. Now let me tell you about the cool features of the lucky patcher.

Features of Lucky Patcher:

Lucky patcher has lots of cool features, and for you I have listed all these down below. Check them out.

  • The best thing about this application is that it you can remove all the in-app-purchases with this application. In-app-purchases refer to the purchases you need to make inside the game for upgrading your player.
  • The annoying ads that pop up while playing a game or while using an application can be removed with Lucky Patcher.
  • Custom Patches for applications can also be created with the lucky patcher.
  • Removing License verification is entirely possible with the lucky patcher. Whenever you download and install an app from Google Play Store. The application checks your license with the Google Play Store, and if you don’t have the license, then you won’t be able to use that application. And every time you try to install it you will get a message saying “License Verification Failed.” But with the lucky patcher, this problem can be solved very easily.
  • Another important feature of this application is the Modded Google Play Store. It is very easy to mod Google Play Store with this application. All you need to do is apply the patch to the Android which is available inside of lucky patcher, and your Google Play Store will be Modded.

So these are some the features of the lucky patcher. There are many more exciting features available. This application is not available in Google Paly Store, so you need to download it from some other site. Down below I have mentioned how to download and install Lucky Patcher on your Android Phones.

How to Download and Install Lucky Patcher?

Well, it is quite easy to download and install lucky patcher on your Android devices. It’s just like downloading any other application. But still if you have problems then all you need to do is follow the instructions and the steps that I have mentioned below, and you will be good to go.

  • First of all, you need to visit Google and type there “Lucky Patcher Apk download.”
  • Google will provide you with some results. Choose one out of those results and click on it.
  • Now after entering the desired site, search for the download tab and then download the Apk of Lucky Patcher.
  • The download may take some time, wait while the download of the Apk is in progress.
  • After the completion of the download, locate the Apk of Lucky patcher on your device.
  • After locating the Apk, Tap on it.
  • With that, you will receive a message asking you whether you want to install the application or not.
  • Click on “Ok” to initiate the installation process.
  • The installation process may take some time, wait while it is in progress.
  • With the completion of the installation, you will receive a notification of the same.
  • Now an icon of Lucky patcher will appear on your home screen. Tap on it to start using the application.

NOTE: Download the latest version of Lucky patcher. Sometimes the old versions don’t work properly and may cause problems for you.

Now there are lots of times when even lucky patcher doesn’t work, and now I will be telling about how to fix those problems down below.

How to fix Lucky Patcher not working problem?


Lucky patcher is a better application but sometimes it stops working too. So here I will be describing how to fix this issue.

There are lots of things that can cause Lucky Patcher to stop working. There might be some problems in the application itself. So for fixing that you need to uninstall the application first and then re-download it and then install it again.

Another thing that might cause it to stop working properly is that the Lucky patcher that you are using might be outdated and you need to update it. Or you can download the latest version of Lucky patcher and then install it. That might solve your problem. The best variable way to get your Lucky patcher working is the re-installation process.


Lucky Patcher is an awesome application that has many good and cool features. The application is the best among its kind and I would like to recommend it to everyone who is facing problems with ads and in-app purchases of their favorite applications. This application will remove all those annoying ads and get rid of the problems that you are facing. So download this application right now and start using it.

If this article was helpful to you, then share with others so that they could reap the benefits of this application. Feel free to leave a comment below if you face any problems with this application, and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.